Red Garland

Red Garland Already well known among musicians, Red Garland came to his first great public acclaim as the pianist in Miles Davis' great 1956-1958 quintet. As part of one of the truly great rhythm sections in jazz history (Garland, Paul Chambers (bass) and Philly Joe Jones (drums)) backing two of the greatest soloist in jazz history (Davis and John Coltrane), it was impossible to go unnoticed. From that exposure, Garland got a chance to make a number of recordings as a leader.

This was prime time for Red Garland, as his unique block chording style and lithe, almost feathery, single note runs were widely acknowledged as a major influence on bop pianists of the day, and he was in a position to command the accompaniment of top players for his sessions. Guitarist Kenny Burrell, for instance, is along for two tracks on Revisited!, and he plays in wonderful counterpoint to Red. There's little more can be said about the great bassist Paul Chambers, and Taylor's sense of swing made him the perfect percussion foil for Garland's piano style.

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