Dr. Sunyatta Amen Bio

Sunyatta AmenDr. Sunyatta Amen is a highly sought after Naturopathic Physician, Womb Yoga, Belly Dance and Sexual Tai Chi expert. Dr. Sunyatta Amen hails from a Jamaican family of traditional healers, her dynamic and engaging style draws participants from many walks of life, leaving them invigorated and ready for more. She is the leader of the Moor Hips Belly Dance Troupe, the largest troupe of Bellydancers of color in the U.S. Dr. Amen is the executive director of the Belly Dancers of Color Association (BOCA), a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring attention and awareness to the true roots of Belly Dance and unite women around the world in this ancient and healing art form. Dr. Amen hosts a weekly health radio show entitled Bush Medicine on WPFW, Pacifica Radio in Washington, DC. Airing live every Thursday 3-4pm EST, you can listen live via the internet www.wpfw.org.

Dr. Amen will help you re-charge your physical/emotional battery with:

· Sexual Tai Chi & Womb Yoga - Women will learn the exercises that shorten the cycle, increase energy. And learn to use the Jade Egg!

· Belly Dance for Womb Health - Learn the history and moves of ancient dance that helps heal or avoid Fibroids, shortens the cycle, hot flashes, PMS, cramps while getting that hourglass shape!