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“What is Personal Effectiveness Coaching?”

Personal Effectiveness Coaching is a one-on-one process that challenges you to break through the barriers that have prevented you from living with the satisfaction and excellence you want and deserve.

New awareness and capabilities emerge as you practice behaviors that take you beyond your current comfort zone. You venture into potentially unknown and unexplored areas, encounter challenges, and find your personal best.

You may experience a shift that lasts a lifetime.
You may begin to see with new eyes and act with a new sense of power.

Mutual commitment, trust, and respect between you and your coach form the basis for success. The depth of your coach’s communication capacity and experience also give the process its great power.

“What are the benefits of having a personal coach?”

A coach is a facilitator, guide, and strategic resource. A coach brings perceptiveness, integrity and truth-telling into play, consistently.

Coaching provides:

A greater sense of your own potential
The transformation of limited thinking
Practical steps for achieving goals and aspirations
New perspectives that encourage new behaviors
Professional support for implementing difficult decisions
A process for uncovering hidden opportunities
An objective sounding board for ideas & dreams
A chance to make your life count in new ways and begin to do what you love the most

“What does coaching involve?”

The coaching process involves…

An initial intake session and assessment
Interviews & observation, as needed and appropriate
Weekly coaching sessions of 1 to 2 hours, both in person and by phone
Between-session practices and exercises performed by the client
Typically, a 3 to 6 month commitment

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