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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga means balanced union — a system for creating the balanced well being of the total person. Yoga joins body, mind and spirit into a balanced whole as it combines poses or postures with deep breathing, relaxation, a healthful diet and proper thinking. Unlike other forms of physical exercise, yoga has something for everyone. No one is excluded. Yoga can be modified and adapted to suit the needs for everyone.

Yoga is not a huffing-puffing ordeal. It's a slow, thoughtful system of stretching and balancing. It activates and stimulates your digestive, circulatory, respiration, elimination, nervous and endocrine systems. It has been said that the endocrine system is the medicine chest of the body and yoga opens the cabinet door.

It's noted for its period of deep relaxation which calms the mind and slows the pulse and brings the body to a receptive state for healing.

Yoga is not a religion, it's not magic, but a very practical system for improving life. It actually changes people physically as well as mentally.

Health Benefits

Hatha Yoga survives today the world over as the oldest and most holistic system of mind, body fitness. Hatha Yoga is unique because it not only stretches all parts of the body, but stimulates circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to all the tissues.

Stress is caused by life's inevitable changes, and is therefore a part of our everyday existence. It affects our minds, body and breath.

The causes of stress vary from individual to individual. Many of us have not learned to cope effectively with the physical, emotional and mental effects of stress, nor have we developed an awareness about what causes a stress response.

The impact of prolonged and cumulative stress often leads to imbalances that lead to illness. All too often it is illness that makes us stop and rest.

Hatha Yoga provides simple, accessible and effective techniques that can be used to develop an awareness about what elicits a stress response and then cope with and relieve it, helping to prevent the development of a major health problem.



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